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Simmons University Announces New Online Undergraduate Program

Posted on 2020-05-09

Simmons University Announces New Online Undergraduate Program

BOSTON (CBS) – Simmons University is offering students new options because of the uncertainty associated with the coronavirus.

On Friday, the Boston school announced a new online undergrad program with hundreds of courses. The school said the comprehensive program will compliment the traditional experience, especially if the campus can’t fully reopen in the fall.

Simmons has offered online graduate coursework since 2013. University President Helen Drinan said that has helped develop the new programs for undergrads.

“What we’re able to do at the undergraduate level compared to someone who just says well maybe I can just put together an online class by giving the readings and then arranging for a Zoom room. What we do is entirely different from that,” Drinan said. “That is remote education. What we do is online education.”

In a letter to the community, Drinan said the hope is to return to the Fenway campus as soon as possible, but that will be determined by public health officials.

The program will give new and returning students the chance to earn a degree completely online.