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'I'm Afraid': Coronavirus Impacting Quincy Chocolate Shop's Sales During Busiest

Posted on 2020-05-06

'I'm Afraid': Coronavirus Impacting Quincy Chocolate Shop's Sales During Busiest

QUINCY (CBS) – When a chocolate shop moved to a new location in Quincy last year, the owners were hoping an increase in foot traffic would bring them some sweet success. But the coronavirus pandemic hit right during their busiest time of year. Now, they’re not sure they’ll ever recover.

Christina Bartkus is the co-owner of Purefections Chocolate.

“No one thought there was going to be a pandemic. So now it’s like, what do we do?” said Bartkus.

Like so many small business, Bartkus is trying to navigate her company through this COVID-19 climate.

“I’m afraid,” she said. “As a small business owner you’re like, ‘What’s actually going to happen to me?'”

For the past 14 years she and her sister have been running Purefections Chocolate. They’ve been shut down since mid-March, let the staff go, and are taking online orders only.

Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother’s Day falling in early May typically makes for a big week. But as non-essential businesses remain closed, Bartkus is doing her best to stay positive.

“We’ve been really willing to fight through this and get a little bit creative,” said Bartkus. “But we are still trying to keep clientele happy”

Bartkus said they moved their shop a year ago to the central location on Hancock Street for better retail business and foot traffic, which is now completely gone. And after Mother’s Day she says the business really slows down.

“After Mother’s Day I am not sure without the retail component how this is going to be sustainable,” she said.

Bartkus longs for the day when business will be as sweet as the Belgian Chocolate they sell.

“If folks want to go online order for Mother’s Day or just pick me up treat for themselves or someone else they want to send some love to, that would be extremely helpful,” she said.