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Patriots Promise New Jerseys To Be Unveiled On Patriots Day

Posted on 2020-04-18

Patriots Promise New Jerseys To Be Unveiled On Patriots Day

BOSTON (CBS) — New Patriots jerseys. Patriots Day. It’s a perfect match.

The Patriots announced Friday that they will unveil their new jerseys on Monday, which is Patriots Day. Though there won’t be a Boston Marathon or a matinee Red Sox game at Fenway, the Patriots are delivering what they can to give local sports fans something to look forward to on what is always a premium day on the Boston sports calendar.

The Patriots tweeted out a video on Friday that teased the new jerseys. The video featured a silhouette of a player, along with the words, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”

New uniforms: Patriots Day 2020

— New England Patriots (@Patriots) April 17, 2020

That’s generally a phrase used for brides to compile their good-luck items on their wedding day, but considering the Patriots may be hearkening back to a throwback blue look, it may be appropriate in this instance.

News of a Patriots uniform change was reported in late March, with reporters noting that the change would be subtle. Julian Edelman tweeted out a hint that a return to the Drew Bledsoe-era jerseys from the ’90s could be forthcoming.