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Charlestown Doctors Get Surprise On Their Wedding Date Despite Postponement

Posted on 2020-05-10

Charlestown Doctors Get Surprise On Their Wedding Date Despite Postponement

CHARLESTOWN (CBS) — The coronavirus pandemic has cancelled many important events, even some big life moments like weddings. But a Charlestown couple who was supposed to be married Saturday still got a special surprise.

Doctors Ellen Nagami and Brendan Connell had to postpone their marriage because of the quarantine. On what would have been their special day, a parade of cars made up of family and friends drove by the couple’s home on Austin Street.

“I didn’t even expect to have this, and so I just feel incredibly grateful,” Nagami said. “We lost a party today, that’s what we lost, but we didn’t lose each other or our loved ones.”

Nagami works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Connell works at Lahey Hospital in Burlington. Both have been busy treating patients with the coronavirus.

Ellen Nagami and Brendan Connell (WBZ-TV)

The couple met in Boston while training at Tufts Medical Center four years ago.

“We met while taking care of sick patients together,” Connell said. “Seeing family and friends respond like this is similar to how the whole teams have been in the hospital. Just everybody banding together.”

Family members said they couldn’t let the day go by without letting them know they are loved. Niece and nephew Kate and Ryan Murphy said they understood the importance of family and serving the community.

“He is putting his life on the line to save other people,” Ryan said.

“At least we still get to celebrate this special moment with everyone that we love next year,” Kate said.

The wedding is now set for 2021.